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Video Magnifiers

Video magnifiers are electronic devices that use a camera, LCD screen, lenses and/or digital magnification to enlarge what is placed beneath the camera then displaying it on the LCD.
They are designed to be mostly used by people with vision that can no longer be helped using a conventional magnifying glass. The benefit of a video magnifier is that it allows greater magnification whilst also offering great field of view. Typically these types of magnifiers start at around 2.5 times magnification but can reach 65 times or more.
Many individuals afflicted with a number of eye-conditions including Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma effectively use video magnifiers to read mail, newspapers and books.  Other activites include viewing photographs, doing crosswords, knitting, reading recipes and many other visual based activities that are no longer possible by only wearing corrective lenses or using a hand-held magnifier.
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